1. Pets shall not be allowed in any part of the club. For violation of this Bye-Law, the owner of the pet shall be fined as notified by the Executive committee.
  2. No member shall take away or mutilate any books, newspapers, magazines or periodicals. A member infringing this Bye-Law shall be fined on every occasion, for each newspaper/magazine etc., so removed or mutilated. The amount of fine will be as notified by the Executive committee.
  3. No articles of the club furniture and equipment etc. shall be lent to any member.
  4. Dependents of members are not permitted to bring guests to any part of the club.
  5. Children are not permitted entry into the specific club areas, which have been notified as "Children free" and after 7PM - Children's area and such area as may be specified by the Executive Committee.
  6. Dependent children shall not use the club premises after 7PM except when accompanied by their parents or near relatives who also should be Full member of the Club.
  7. Dependent children shall not sign credit vouchers. Parents of such dependents should buy coupons to facilitate purchase of eatables and soft drinks from the club.
  8. Servants/attendants shall not use the lounge and TV room. They may, however wait near reception counter, or some other place specified by the club management.
  9. The Club stationery shall not be removed from the club office. Any member requiring the same may obtain it from the office on payment.
  10. Members (including their dependents) and guests shall not in their own interest leave their belongings, particularly the costly ones anywhere in the club, except in the custody of the attendant at the cloak room. While the Club management shall try and take care of deposited articles, it will not be responsible for any losses or damages. Members may demand token from the cloakroom attendant, for the deposited articles.
  11. Temporary members are not pernitted to bring any guests.
  12. Smoking is prohibited in the entire Club premises except only at designated place.
  13. Ignorance of Club Bye Laws shall not be accepted as an excuse. Copies of Bye Laws may be obtained from Club office on payment at laid down rates.
  14. The decision of the governing body of the club shall be binding on the Club members.
  15. All members shall use their 'SMART CARD' for avaling club facilities. For members not been issued with smart cards, temporary smart card is availabe at the bar counter which can be charged with cash.