1. The Shimla Amateur Dramatic Club is registered under the Society Act-XXI of 1860 and is deemed to be regd under the HP Society Regulation Act 2006. The President of India has always been invited to become the Patron of the club. The Executive Committee has also been inviting the Governors of Himachal Pradesh to become Vice Patrons of the Club.



  1. Under the provision of the Memorandum of Association of the Shimla Amateur Dramatic Club (ADC), the Executive Committee hereby frames the Bye-Laws given in the succeeding paragraphs for its members, dependents of members, guests and staff of the club for strict compliance. The Bye-Laws shall come into force with effect from 01 Oct 2008.
  2. FORMULATION OF THE BYE-LAWS. In case of any difficulty in implementation /interpretation of Bye-Laws, the decision of the President shall be final.
  3. The Shimla Amateur Dramatic Club bye-laws (Revised 2000) are hereby superceded.



  1. The Executive Committee, under the authority of Memorandum of Association of the Shimla Amateur Dramatic Club, shall be the Governing Body of the Shimla ADC. The decision of the Executive Committee of the ADC, on all subjects and matters, connected with the Shimla Amateur Dramatic Club, shall be final. The Executive Committee is also empowered and competent to revise and refix the rates of various subscriptions, given in these Bye-Laws.
  2. The Governing Body will consist of the President and 11 other members i.e. five from Army and five from Civilian members and the Honorary Secretary who will be nominated by the EC.
  3. The new Executive Committee will be elected by the Full members, at the Annual General Body Meeting after dissolving the previous Executive Committee through a notification simultaneously, while summoning the Annual General Body Meeting. Members offering their names for the new Executive Committee will do so through an application to the Honorary Secretary of ADC, before the last date so notified. Any application received after the due date shall not be considered. A formal ballot will not take place if the number of applicants is only upto 11.
  4. The functional activities of the Executive Committee shall be limited to the provision of the Memorandum of Association of the Shimla ADC. It shall elect from its members, an Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.
  5. The charter of the duties for each office bearer shall be held in the office of the Honorary Secretary and shall be made available to them for reference.
  6. The Executive Committee may co-opt members of the Club to form special sub-committee as given.
  7. No debenture, mortgage, deed, bill of exchange, promissory note, bond or other instrument purporting to operate as a change upon the movable or immovable property of the club entered into by the Executive Committee, shall be valid unless it is signed by the President or on behalf of by the Executive President of the Club and Honorary Secretary.
  8. The Governing Body may reject an application for membership of a person with or without assigning any reasons