1. The Executive Committee may grant tenure membership to any body irrespective of category based on the following guidelines:-
  1. Service/govt officers who get posted to Shimla for a short period or are on transferable jobs.
  2. The persons holding tenure membership will neither be counted against the specified vacancies for that category nor will enjoy voting rights.
  3. An service/govt officers who had applied for full membership may initially be granted tenure membership till vacancies occur in that cat or till he is granted full membership subject to his/her accepting all the terms and condition on the application form and approval of the management.
  4. The tenure members shall be required to pay the entrance fee, Subscription and security as decided by the management from time to time.
  5. Six officers of the rank of Pr Secy posted in Shimla may also be granted tenure membership on the recommendation of the Pr Secy Language Art & Culture to the Govt of HP. However, such tenure membership will stand terminated on the officer being transferred out of Shimla or on retirement.


  1. Gentlemen & Ladies above the age of 21 years can become temporary member of the club for period of three months in a year, without voting rights, Further extension for maximum upto three months i.e. not more than six months in a year may be granted to this category of members in exceptional cases only, with approval of the screening sub-committee.
  2. The Honorary Secretary can give temporary membership for a period of upto one month only at any one time but not more than three months in a year.
  3. Temporary membership for a couple shall be deemed to be one, irrespective of whether husband or wife applies for the membership.
  4. Application for temporary membership shall be made on the prescribed form duly proposed and seconded by two full members of the club.
  5. Defence Service Officers, visiting Shimla, on leave/temporary duty, may become temporary members on payment as notified by the management. This facility may also be extended to the retired Defence Service Officers.
  6. Nursing Officers of the MNS, stationed at Shimla/Jutogh may become temporary members on payment as applicable to other serving officers of Armed Forces Officers Mess.


  1. Members may avail of the facilities extended by the respective clubs on reciprocal basis. The list of affiliated clubs will be notified from time to time by the Hony Secy . Presently Shimla ADC has reciprocal membership arrangement with Kasauli Club.
  2. The reciprocal members from the said club, who when visiting Shimla, wish to avail of the facilities of the ADC, shall produce Membership Card, to enable them to use this club.
  3. Members on reciprocal basis, shall not use the club for more then ten days in any one month.
  4. Such a members, may buy drinks or catering on coupons available from the Club office or the barman. He/She is however not entitled to sign credit vouchers for the purpose.
  5. All reciprocal members and temporary members when using the club shall be expected to abide by the bye laws of the club. Any infringement of the bye-laws of the club, by any such members shall render him/her liable to be stopped from making use of the club any further, on orders of the Hony Secy or any members of the Executive Committee.
  6. Reciprocal members before using the Club shall inform the Club office in writing about their visit and its likely duration.


  1. The following will be consider for membership:-
    1. Only serving or retd civil and defence officers be taken.
    2. Applications of salaried class of officers of govt or semi govt undertaking should be considered to see that they do not convert the club into a place of building 'public relations' or 'clients', etc.
    3. All other applicants should be fully screened from all angles for their suitability.
  2. An individual desirous to become a full member of the club will give a hand written application to the Hony Secy in person giving his particulars and reasons for wanting to become a member of the club.
  3. Chairperson screening sub-committee will issue form on merit & application signed by two EC Members prior to giving the prescribed form for membership to the applicant.
  4. The form for membership will be given to the indl in person by the Hony Secy, and the particulars recorded in the register kept for this purpose.


  1. The ADC is a distinctive social and artistic club for promotion of dramatic, art and entertainment. By historical lineage it is meant mainly for defence and civil service officers with a few reserved for members from other walks of life. Unlike some other clubs, it is generally not for businessmen and other professionals or self employed persons, who wish to develop their contacts for furtherance of their business.
  2. The percentage distribution of membership (80 percent for army and civil service/govt semi-govt undertaking and 20 per cent for all walks of life) shows the distinctive nature of the club membership.
  3. While considering applications for Cat D(Civilian members) the Sub-Committee should consider the following:-
    1. Professionals like doctors, Engineers, CAs, Lawyers etc with minimum ten years of good public standing may be considered.
    2. Corporate-CEO's , Vice Presidents , General Managers and above of a recognized /reputed company may be considered.
    3. Applicants should be cultured, well-to-do gentlemen /ladies, with good social standing and should not be involved in criminal litigation.
    4. Due cognizance and weightage may be given to applicants from noble professions, although belonging to these professions will not automatically make them eligible.
    5. Proof provided by the applicants, ie, income, membership of other clubs, etc, should be carefully scrutinized. Level of income, though important should not be an important indicator for self employed applicants or those in business.
    6. Applicants should have interest or should have preferably participated in Dramatic/cultural /social activities.
    7. Status and stature of members sponsoring the applicant be also kept in view.
    8. The minimum desirable educational qualification will be graduation.
    9. Adequate care be taken to get a homogenous mix of young members with elders.
    10. The applicants should preferably be residents of Shimla.