1. Gentlemen and ladies who have attained the age of 21 years and elected in accordance with Memorandum of Association of the club, will be the Full members of the club. They will have the voting rights. An absent member may vote by proxy and a member eligible to vote and present in a meeting may hold two proxies.
  2. As regards election of new Full members from old list as well as new list, the screening sub-committee may peruse these lists and put up its recommendations before the Executive Committee as per the practice in vogue.
(a) Preferably, only serving or retired Civil and Defence Officers be taken as Full members.
(b) Salaried Class of officers belonging to Govt., Semi-Govt. under taking and their functionaries involving clients from public life may be only considered after the consideration from all angles, principally being that, by their being members of the club, they do not convert the club into a place of building their 'Public Relations' or Clients' or such like activities.
(c) Applicants from other walks of life should be fully screened from all angles to ascertain their suitability of becoming Full members of the club.
  1. Application for Full membership shall be made on the prescribed form duly proposed and seconded by Full members of the club. The name of the applicant shall be displayed on the club notice board for at least two weeks.
  2. Every applicant approved for Full membership shall be invited for “ At Home” by the Executive Committee when his/her membership is being considered. Applicant failing to attend the same on two occasions will not be considered for membership.
  3. Entrance fee, security deposit and other fees for Full membership shall be as decided by the Management from time to time.
  4. The application form for membership will be submitted along with the security deposit/application money as applicable at that time and in case the applicant is not found eligible for membership the application money shall be returned along with a letter of regret.
  5. All serving officers on the strength of Officers Mess of HQ ARTRAC, HQ Western Command, HQ PH& HP Sub (I) Area, Project Deepak and other armed forces Officers Messes in Shimla and Jutogh shall be the Full members. The respective Messes shall pay the subscription on lump sum basis, as decided by the Executive Committee.
  6. On demise of a Full member, the wife or husband of such member may become a Full member, on application, without payment of the entrance fee. The vacancy will be against the vacancy of the demised member by paying of difference of security deposit between current rate & old deposit.
  7. Wives of the serving Defence Officers, residing at Shimla/Jutogh (on posting out of their husband from Shimla/Jutogh) as a selected place of residence may become Full members.
  8. Members of the Executive Committee shall not propose or second a candidate for Full membership.
  9. An applicant, who could not be accommodated as Full member of the club, shall be eligible for applying again, after expiry of one year from the date the Executive Committee considered his name.
(a) Application for Full membership will be screened by Screening sub-committee.
(b) The Screening sub-committee should consist of three members from within the Executive Committee. The new membership after being recommended by the Screening sub-committee should be processed by the Executive Committee also.
(c) The Membership in each category will be granted strictly as per seniority. For any variation on exceptional grounds, the case will be discussed by the Screening Sub-Committee and thereafter submitted to President through Executive Committee for final dispensation.
  1. Applicant elected for Full membership of the Club is not permitted to make use of the club unless invited to do so by the Honorary Secretary.
  2. Every new member shall enter his/her particulars on the members book, kept in the Club Office and obtain the membership card.