1. The Club shall remain open daily from 11 AM to 10:30 PM in Summers and from 11 AM to 10 PM in Winters. No service shall be available between 11 AM to 12 Noon. On dance/special nights, club may be kept open for two hours beyond the normal closing hours or as specified by the Executive Committee. The timings however, may be altered due to administrative reasons after giving due notice. The Bar timings will be as under:-
(a)  Morning - 12 PM to 2 PM during Summers and Winters
(b)  Evening - 7 PM to 10 PM during Winters(Nov to Mar).
(c)  Evening - 7 PM to 10:30 PM during Summers(Apr to Oct ).
  1. Members will not insist on use of club premises beyond the laid down timings. However, with prior approval of Honorary Secy, the Club may be kept open for a maximum period of one hour after normal closing on payment as notified by the management. Such payment per head shall also be charged from members on guests introduced by them. The payment will be signed in advance in the late fee register.
  2. Members shall not abuse any of the club servants or use violence whatsoever against any servant. In the event of a member having occasion to find fault with any servant of the club, a report of the case may be made verbally or in writing to the Honorary Secretary who will either deal with the case or refer it to the Executive Committee as may be considered necessary. Complaints/suggestions may also be entered in the register kept in the Club office /reception desk.
  3. Club employee will not be sent on any errands or otherwise withdrawn from the general service of the club by any member except by an office bearer in the interest of the club.
  4. No member or dependent shall give any money, by way of wages or gratuity, to any club servant. All club servants are forbidden to solicit or accept gratuities. They shall be liable to instant dismissal. A member wishing to give a gratuity may sign a voucher of the amount which shall be credited to the "Staff Gratuity Fund".
  5. Full value shall be charged for all the breakages of the club property by the members, their dependants/guests or the club servants. If any breakage in the opinion of the Executive Committee are willful, upto six times the value may be charged.
  6. Any notice for displaying on the notice board of the club shall be sent to the Honorary Secretary and initialed by him before being displayed on the notice board. A notice shall not ordinarily be left on the notice board for more than 20 days. Notice from members shall be displayed free, where as non-members shall be charged as notified by the mgt.
  7. Payment of club dues will be made by crossed cheques/demand draft only. The club shall not be responsible for any payments, made in cash unless such payment are made to the accountant against official receipt.
  8. Each member shall be allotted a club membership number, which shall be affixed under his/her signature in all credit vouchers. The defence personnel will also mention the unit/Mess they belong to, on the credit vouchers.
  9. Every member shall sign legibly and put his name in block letters and membership number below his signature when signing the credit voucher.
  10. Any member who violates any Bye-Laws shall be liable to action in accordance with Memorandum of Association of Shimla ADC as deemed fit by the Executive Committee.
  11. No member, official or member of the staff is authorized to enter into an agreement or to incur any expenditure or in any other way bind the club unless expressly authorized to do so by a resolution of the Executive Committee, properly recorded.
  12. Ignorance of Club Bye-Laws shall not be accepted as an excuse. Copies of Bye-Laws may be obtained from Club office on payment at the laid down rates.



  1. Members of the club shall be of the following Categories:-
(a) Full Members.
(b) Outstation Members.
(c) Octogenarian Members
(d) Senior Citizen
(e) Honorary members.
(f) Ex-Officio Members.
(g) Tenure Members.
(h) Temporary Members.