1. The subscription for various categories and other charges will be as laid down by the Executive Committee from time to time.
  2. Establishment charges at the rate of five percent shall be charged by the club on all sales to defray establishment charges.
  3. Each member will contribute 50% of one month’s full subscription due from a Full member including those who are either exempt or are paying subsidized subscription, towards Diwali gift for the employees once a year prior to Diwali.



  1. Members are expected to dress appropriately on all occasions. This is equally applicable to the dependants of the members and guests.
  2. Dress code as notified by the management from time to time will be adhered to strictly.



  1. SMART CARD: All members are requested to carry the smart cards in order to utilize the club facilities.
  2. Members must recharge the smart card either through Debit/Credit card or by cash.
  3. Members who have not applied for smart card may do so.
  4. The Honorary Secretary shall issue the bill by 5th of each month. The bills shall be rounded off to the nearest rupee.
  5. The bills shall be paid by 20th of each month. The defaulters shall not be extended credit facilities until arrears are cleared. In case any member fails to pay his/her bill by the due date, a penalty charge of ten percent on his total bill shall be charged monthly or a part thereof for delay in payment and his/her name shall also be displayed on the Club notice board.
  6. The Executive Committee reserves the right to call upon any member to pay, at any time his/her dues to the club, by forwarding his statement of accounts to his last known address. Any member, thereafter, whose dues have been outstanding for a period of one month or such short period, as may be determined by the Executive Committee, in any individual case shall be liable to be suspended from membership and to have his/her name displayed on the Club notice board. Any member who has been so suspended and if he/she fails to clear the outstanding bills within 30 days from the date of suspension of his/her membership shall be liable to be expelled.
  7. The Honorary Secretary shall prepare a list of defaulter members under the aforesaid bye-laws and produce that at each Executive Committee meeting.
  8. If the Executive Committee, during its meeting , while perusing the defaulter list, decides to terminate the membership of any member, for non-payment of the dues, it shall not normally be restored, unless in the opinion of the Executive Committee, the circumstances are convincing. In these circumstances such members shall be penalised as notified by the management for restoration of his/her membership.


  1. The opening hours for the card rooms shall be the same as for the club. The card room sub-committee will formulate the card room rules which will be binding on all members. Amendments to these rules will be approved by the Executive Committee only.
  2. Cards shall be provided and after use shall remain the property of the Club. New cards shall be supplied at the discretion of Honorary Secretary
  3. Members playing cards shall be charged card room fee as laid down by the Executive Committee. Card fee will be charged on regular basis for full year since some of the members start playing without intimating the club office and without paying the fee for months together.
  4. Members of the club, desirous of playing cards, shall enter their names in cards register kept in the club office prior to their availing of the facility.
  5. Members who are found playing cards without paying the requisite card fee will be liable to disciplinary action.
  6. No reservation of tables for playing cards is permissible.
  7. Canasta may also be played in the club as per laid down stakes.
  8. Rummy and Bridge shall be played as per laid down rules approved by the Executive Committee.
  9. Bridge and Rummy will be played in the cards rooms only. Members will abide by the club rules. All those who violate the club Rules, will be liable for disciplinary action, in accordance with the Articles of Association and these Bye-Laws. Playing of “ SYNDICATE RUMMY’’ is forbidden in the club premises.
  10. The club Bridge, Rummy and Canasta stakes may be revised by the Executive Committee from time to time.