1. 21 Cards Rummy has been permitted in Shimla Amateur Dramatics Club and it is very popular. With a view to streamline the game it is felt that rules should be standardized and formalized for smooth and enjoyable conduct of the game.
  2. The basic standard 21 card rummy is played with three packs of cards and it is obligatory that minimum of three pure sequence of three or more cards each are made.
  3. Rummy is a game of recreation but higher stakes & too many innovations mar its primary purpose.
  4. Players are expected to avoid preference for particular partners as it is against the basic ethos of the club and game.
  5. Players are expected to maintain silence to avoid distractions.
  6. The basic purpose of these rules is to avoid conflicts and confusion. This can be achieved only if all the players adhere to the rules.
  7. Though an attempt has been made to make these rules clear & comprehensive. Should a doubt still arise, the matter may be referred to the ‘Card sub committee’ or the Hony Secretary of Shimla ADC.
  8. It is mandatory for all cards playing members to read these rules carefully and follow them in letter and spirit. Any deviation of these rules will be taken as violation of club rules, as such, attracting disciplinary action, under club Bye-Laws.