1. The President of India shall be invited to become the Patron of the Club. The Executive Committee may, from time to time, invite the Governor of Himachal Pradesh to become Vice Patron of the Club.


  1. Members shall be of the following categories:-
    1. Full Members.
    2. Outstation Members
    3. Octogenarian Members.
    4. Senior Citizen Members
    5. Honorary Members.
    6. Ex-Officio Members.
    7. Tenure Members.
    8. Temporary Members
    9. Green Card Holders


  1. Full membership will be granted under the following categories in the proportion mentioned against each:-

  2. (aa) Cat 'A' Serving Army Officers (45%)
    (ab) Cat 'B' Serving Central/State/PSU Officers (15%)
    (ac) Cat 'C' Retired Defence/Civilian Officers (20%)
    (ad) Cat 'D' All Walks of life (20%)

  3. Gentlemen and ladies have who have attained the age of 21 yrs and are duly elected in accordance with rules.
  4. All serving officers who are the members of Officers Messes of HQ 2 Corps, HQ ARTRAC, HQ Western Command , HQ PH & HP (I) Sub Area, NCC, BRO Shimla, MH, CWES , Project Deepak(GREF) and members of any other service officers units or mess that may be established at Shimla or in and around Shimla, will be Full members without the requirement of an election.
  5. A candidate for election as a full member of the club shall be 'Proposed' by one and 'Seconded' by three other Full members of the club. Members of the Executive Committee shall not 'Propose', or 'Second' a candidate.
  6. Every application for membership shall be made, in writing on the form prescribed, obtained from the club office and signed by the candidate and his 'Proposer' and 'Seconder' and addressed to the Secretary of the Club. The application shall state the full name, age, address (temporary & permanent), profession and such other information as the Executive Committee may require. It shall also contain a declaration that if elected, the candidate agrees to become a member of the Club, and to be bound by the Memorandum of Association, and the Bye-Laws of the club.
  7. Name of every such applicant shall be entered in a 'Applicants Register' maintained in the club office. This register shall be put up at the Executive Committee meetings, whenever asked for by the Executive Committee.
  8. After perusal and preliminary screening, by the Screening Sub-Committee and Executive Committee, suitable candidates shall be invited to an 'At Home' in the Club. Married candidates shall be accompanied by their spouses. Applicants failing to attend on two different occasions will be struck out from the list.
  9. The election of members shall vest in the Executive Committee and shall be determined by the vote of its members. For this purpose, at least five members of the Executive Committee shall be present to form a quorum. Unless forty percent of the total votes cast are against the individual, the candidate shall be declared as elected. The membership of candidates approved/elected will be subject to confirmation after 1 year.
  10. In case a candidate has not been elected when invited to an 'At Home' or rejected by the committee prior to 'At Home' he / she shall not be eligible to apply again for membership of the Club until after expiry of one year from the date of such rejection.
  11. With a view to maintaining the distinctive character of the Club, the Executive Committee shall regulate the election of candidates for Full membership of the Club in such a manner, that the proportion of members of the Armed Forces is maintained at not less than (45%) of the total Full membership.
  12. Preferably, only serving or retired civil and defence officers be taken as Full members.
  13. Salaried class of officers belonging to govt., semi-govt under taking and their functionality involving clients from public life may be only considered after the consideration from all angles, principally being that, by their being members of the club, they do not convert the club into a place of building their 'Public Relations' or Clients' or such like activities.
  14. Applicants from other walks of life should be fully screened from all angles to ascertain their suitability of becoming Full members of the club.