1. The following may be invited by the EC to be ex-officio members. These will neither be counted against the specified vacancies for that category nor will enjoy voting rights. However, they will pay the mandatory monthly/annual Club subscription but will not be required to pay the entrance fee and security deposit.
    1. The Principle Secretary of the Department of Language, Art and Culture, Govt of H.P., will be made ex-officio member of the club for the duration of his tenure only and till such time he is holding such post.
    2. Any other such person who in the opinion of the EC, would be able to further the activities or advancement of the Club or would be beneficial to the Club.


  1. The Executive Committee may grant tenure membership to Service/govt officers who get posted to Shimla for a short period or are on transferable jobs. The persons holding tenure membership will neither be counted against the specified vacancies for that category nor will enjoy voting rights.
  2. Six officers of the rank of Pr Secy posted in Shimla on recommendation by the Pr Secy LAC may also be granted tenure membership.
  3. Membership will stand terminated on being posted out of Shimla/on retirement.


  1. Temporary members shall be elected in accordance with the following procedure:-
    1. Temporary members shall be gentlemen and ladies who have attained the age of 21 years.
    2. Temporary membership shall ordinarily be given for a period of three months from the date of election. However, the period of three months for temporary membership may be reviewed and extended by the Executive Committee as deemed fit.
    3. A candidate for election as a temporary member of the Club, shall be 'Proposed', by one and 'Seconded' by another full member of the Club. Members of the Executive Committee shall not 'Propose and 'Second' any candidate.
    4. Temp members will neither be counted against the specified vacancies for their Cat nor will enjoy voting rights.
    5. PADMA (DISTINGUISHED) & CHAKRA SERIES (Gallantry) Awards winners to use the club facility whenever they visit Shimla. The facility to be extended to the recipients & their spouses subject to fulfilling criteria as laid down in the club rules. This is an acknowledgement to their contribution to the Nation.


  1. The sons and unmarried daughter of Full members shall also be eligible for issue of green card between the ages of 21 years to 25 years, subject to fulfillment of following conditions:
    1. The parents must apply for the green card of the Club for the children when they are between the ages of 21 to 25 years to enable the management to register their names. The green card once allotted will be valid only upto the age of 30 years.
    2. If they(dependant son & daughter) have not used the club between the age of 13 to 21 years, a dependant fee as applicable from the age of 13 to 21 will be levied, for registering in their category.
    3. Green card holder will most likely be a student at this age. However, if he/she attains independent status they will be eligible to apply for permanent membership provided he/she meets the membership criteria of the club. Moreover, a green card holder who has attained the independent status, not meeting the criteria of the club membership will cease to be a green card holder. Green card holders and their parents are responsible to keep the Club management informed of their present status.
    4. Full monthly subscription from the green card holder will be levied from the age of 21 years as a single member.
    5. A 'Green Card' will be issued only when a written request is received from the parent members and can be withdrawn on request from parent members.
    6. The membership to green card holders will be over and above the authorized strength of the Club, however, it should not exceed 100 at any point of time.
    7. On being granted permanent membership, the difference of subscription i.e. security deposit and entrance fee, depending upon the category applicable will be paid. 'Green Card' holders will have no voting rights.
  2. 'Green card' holders will be allowed to sign chits but the responsibility for payment will be that of parents in whose bill their chits will be added. 'Green card' holders applying for Full membership will be considered for out of turn grant of membership provided they fulfill the criteria for the category in which they fall and will be based on merit in their respective category.
  3. NOTE: All members will be responsible for the discipline of their children and ensure that they follow club rules.