1. Procedure of withdrawal /resignation from Club membership shall be as follows:-
  2. Member shall give notice in writing of his intention to withdraw from the Club and his/her name shall removed from the list of members from the date of receipt of such notice provide that all dues to the club have been previously paid.
  3. The liabilities of full member, who has withdrawn from the Club, shall continue to be in force for a period of one year after the date of his resignation.
  4. In addition to the above, a member and/or his spouse shall cease to be a member of the Club in any of the following ways:-
    1. By his being adjudicated insolvent.
    2. By his being dismissed from govt service.
    3. By his being found guilty by a competent tribunal, or court of law of an offence, involving, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, misconduct or moral turpitude.
    4. By his not paying his Club bills, after due warning for default in payment of Club bills.
    5. By decision of a majority vote of the members present at the Executive Committee Meeting, at which not less than five members shall be present.


  1. Procedure for holding of General Body Meeting shall be as follows:-
    1. General Body meeting shall either be ordinary or extra-ordinary.
    2. There shall be one ordinary General Body Meeting in each year.
    3. An extra ordinary General Body Meeting shall be called by a resolution of the Executive Committee. It may also be called on receipt of a written request signed by at least fifty Full members and addressed to the secretary of the Club, provided that such a request shall state the reasons for calling the meeting and shall be accompanied by the proposal to be placed before it. Such General Body meeting shall be held within one calendar month from the date of receipt of the request and shall deal only with the said matter.
    4. The date and time for holding any General Body Meeting shall be advertised, at least ten days before the date of the meeting in a news paper, in general circulation in Himachal Pradesh , Haryana and Punjab. A copy of the advertisement shall be simultaneously displayed on the Club notice board.
    5. Each full member (including Octogenarian, Senior Citizen & Outstation members) shall be entitled to attend and/ or vote at any General Body Meeting, provided that any member, whose dues to the Club have been outstanding for a period of two months, shall not be entitled to attend or vote at such a meeting.
  2. The quorum and procedure for conducting the General Body meeting shall be as follows:-
    1. 100 Full members present in person shall constitute the quorum for any General Body Meeting.
    2. The President of the Club or in his absence Executive President or the senior most member shall take the Chair at any General Body Meeting. In the absence of the said gentleman, the members present shall elect a member of the Executive Committee as the chairman, and if no member of the Executive Committee is present, then the members present shall elect one of the Full members to be the Chairman.
    3. The Chairman shall have the power, in his discretion to do all acts that may be necessary to ensure the proper conduct of the proceedings of the General Body Meeting.
  3. Any matter connected with the management of the Club may be discussed at a General Body meeting, provided that no amendment, variation, repeal or addition to this Memorandum of Association shall be made unless notice thereof has been included in the notice convening the meeting and a copy of such proposed amendment, variation, repeal or addition has been sent to each full member of the Club. The accidental omission to give such notice or send such copy to each member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.
  4. A General Body Meeting may adjourn and reassemble on a date and time to be fixed at the meeting.
  5. Each full member shall be entitled to one vote. Spouse of a full member shall not be entitled to vote (but he/ she may carry a proxy from the full member who is not present).


    For the removal of any doubt, it is clarified that officers of HQ Western Command, HQ ARTRAC, HQ 2 Corps, MH and PH & HP (I) Sub Area will not be deemed to be outstation members and will have the same voting and other rights and privileges as any other full member.-

  1. All motions and propositions shall be passed or rejected by a majority vote. In case, there is no majority, the Chairman shall have the casting vote, in addition to the vote he is entitled to as a member.
  2. A proper record of the proceedings of such General Body Meetings shall be kept and shall at the next ordinary General Body Meeting be confirmed, provided that the Executive Committee shall be absolved from any responsibility in carrying into effect any resolution which has been inadvertently/ incorrectly recorded, provided that the record of the General Body Meeting has been placed on the Club notice board for a period of at least ten days and that no written notice has been received by the Secretary of any inaccuracy in the recording of these proceedings.