1. Any member of the Executive Committee who fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee may be called upon to resign from the Executive Committee.
  2. In case a member or members of the Executive Committee cannot attend three consecutive meetings due to exigencies of service, their absence may be condoned by the committee.
  3. The President and Executive President may, however,(at the invitation of the Executive Committee) continue to hold office during his absence from Shimla, as also from the committee meetings.


  1. Procedure for maintenance of accounts shall be as follows:-
    1. The Executive Committee shall cause the accounts to be kept at all times, of amounts received and expended by the Club, of all matters in respect of which such receipts and expenditure take place and of the assets, credits and liabilities of the Club.
    2. The books of the accounts shall be kept at the Club office and, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by the Executive Committee, shall be open to inspection by the members.


    1. The accounts of the Club shall be audited at least once in every year, by a professional auditor. The auditors shall, at all reasonable times, be given access to all the books and accounts of the club.
    2. The auditor's report for the previous year, together with the Annual Balance Sheet and summary of the profit and loss account, shall be laid before the General Body Meeting . Copies of each accounts and balance sheet shall be exhibited on the Club notice board minimum 14 days prior to the General Body meeting and shall also be sent, fourteen days before the meeting to all Full members of the Club.


  1. Any expenditure beyond the financial power of the Executive President will be done after adopting the following procedure:-
    1. Nature /scope of work along with rough estimate will be put up to the Executive Committee for approval.
    2. After approval by the EC, the purchase committee so constituted, will do the necessary survey of the market and thereafter finalize the contractor/vendor.
    3. On completion of the job/contract/installation of equipment, the purchase committee will sign on the bills for correctness of scope and nature of work carried out before final payment is made.


  1. Rates of entrance fee and subscription shall be subject to revision by the Executive Committee, from time to time.
  2. A full member may sign credit vouchers in the Club up to the monetary limit as laid down by the Executive Committee from time to time. Once this limit is reached, credit facilities of the member concerned shall be stopped.


    1. The monthly bills of Full members up to 30th of the previous month, shall be presented to the members by the 5th of each month. The bills shall be paid by 20th of each month.
    2. The defaulters shall not be extended credit facilities until arrears are cleared off. In case any member fails to pay his/her bills by the due date, penalty charges of ten percent of his total bill shall be charged monthly or part thereof for delay in payment and his/her name shall also be displayed on the Club notice board, in the defaulters list.
  1. The Executive Committee reserves the right to suspend any member from using the club in case the member has not cleared his dues within thirty days from the date, as defaulters. If such a member, who has been suspended, fails to pay his/her dues within thirty days, after he/she has been served with a registered notice for suspension, he/she shall be liable to be expelled (membership terminated) by the Executive Committee.
  2. The membership once terminated, shall not normally be restored. However, in case in the opinion of the Executive Committee, the circumstances are mitigating, the membership may be restored, in accordance with the Club Bye-Laws.


  1. A copy of the Memorandum of Association amended from time to time shall at all times be displayed on Club notice board/made available to members.
  2. When it is proposed to alter or add to, any of these clauses, notice of such proposal shall be sent to each full member of the Club at his address in India, together with a copy of the notice at least 10 days before the date of the General Body Meeting.